Quality control at every level of manufacture


We are committed to the highest quality & ethical standards. This means that any product we release will conform to agreed specifications. Our QA/QC processes are extremely robust and designed to ensure that outcome. 

As part of our QC process we conduct many tests in-house. At the same time we also use the services of accredited independent testing laboratories to ensure that you can be confident of the quality of the product we release.

ISO Certifications

Syndet is accredited under ISO 22716. (Certificate number FR13/018254) This is the EU standard that deals with Cosmetics and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). ISO accreditation is not required for sale of products within Australia but is required by many of Australia’s trading partners. If you want to sell into jurisdictions requiring  ISO22716 accreditation, you need to ensure that your manufacturer holds current accreditation. 

Natural Cosmetic & Skincare Formulation.

Syndet also produce Natural Cosmetics. We have extensive experience in formulating natural products.  

ISO22716 Certified skincare manufacturer