We work with you every step of the way!


Whether you are an existing brand owner or just starting that journey we think our expertise can help you.

We can update existing formulations to meet new regulatory standards or to assist you in keeping ahead of consumer expectations. For a new brand or range we can work with you in developing a well themed, compelling and coherent product range from scratch.

From our years in business we also have well established relationships with quality packaging and componentry suppliers both locally and overseas. 

In short, choosing Syndet as your manufacturing partner can make your life a whole lot easier! We invite you to give us a call.

When it's the BEST or Nothing!

When quality counts Syndet delivers. When it comes to organic formulations we are obsessive. High quality skincare, organic personal care and cosmetic products and luxury brands require superior formulation, attention to detail, careful sourcing of materials and understanding the provenance of all the listed ingredients. While many other skincare and personal care contract manufacturers take shortcuts and often use inferior substitutions, Syndet can produce true 6 star quality products that meet and exceed every level of certification you require. 

Absolute Confidentiality. 

We understand the need for confidentiality and it is a cornerstone of how we conduct business.

We avoid potential conflicts of interest with customers because we don’t compete with you in the marketplace. It’s really simple – we DON’T have our own brands. All manufacturing is done for our customers. We think our policy is highly ethical, avoids a lot of potential conflict of interests, and makes a lot of sense for all parties concerned. 

Our commitment to you is 100%, because your success is the key to our success. Isn’t that the sort of commitment you want in a relationship with your manufacturing partner?