Scale your business as you need it.

Syndet can manage everything for you from small through to high volume production.


Demand can be unexpected. So for that reason we operate a broad range of modern mixing, filling and packaging machinery that can scale to suit your production needs. Careful machinery selection has provided us with the flexibility to be able to undertake small to medium and even larger production runs of a wide range of personal, skin and cosmetic care products. 

While we are rightly proud of our machinery, it is our staff that ensure that Syndet delivers truly excellent customer service. Our key staff members, all carefully chosen, collectively have some of the best skills in the industry. 

With each customer we take time to understand what you are after, the market space you occupy or want to occupy and how we can best help you to achieve your objectives. If you have the imagination, the ideas or the vision, we can help you turn it into a reality.

We thrive on challenges, and will work closely with you to achieve the best possible outcome for each product development brief.