Syndet uses the world’s finest ingredients to create high quality products that deliver customers exactly what they want.

Syndet are experts at formulating developing and manufacturing boutique skin care and private label personal care products. With over 30 years of experience in formulating products for almost every market and taste, we are able to help you develop, prototype and launch your products locally and globally. We work with brand owners looking for fresh ideas and concepts and the guarantee of first class manufacturing and quality control processes every step of the way.  Many clients use our services to update, refine and improve or reproduce existing formulations. Whatever your needs we are here to help!

Our philosophy is simple: To formulate, develop and manufacture superior personal care, cosmetic and skincare products that perform as promised and deliver real value. To create products for brand owners that are superior in concept, formulation, quality and production. And to provide outstanding service to our clients at all levels and at every stage of engagement.
At the heart of our approach has always been our willingness to forge strong, positive and collaborative relationships with clients, so that your business objectives succeed and are realised at the highest level... 
                                .... this is what Syndet Works does exceptionally well!


From Melbourne to Shanghai, Syndet formulate skincare products specifically tailored to the local markets needs and requirements. We can work with you to create customised and exclusive skincare products for your market from concept through to final product. Syndet is a high quality boutique skin care manufacturer that can help you formulate and develop products for almost any application an an type of market.

personal care

We have extensive experience producing everything from simple high volume personal care lines -- through to exclusive 6 star luxury brands for clients who demand only the very best for their discerning clientele. As leading personal care manufacturers we are focussed on quality and attention to detail every step of the way.

Organic Cosmetic Skincare formulations


If you need a cosmetic range formulated and made to your specific requirement Syndet can help you create the right formulations for your market and your needs. Developing organic skin care and organic body care products is one of Syndet's major strengths. If you need organic formulations or help developing an organic skincare or cosmetic range we are happy to help.

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